Accommodation Bursary

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Accommodation Bursary

The University of Bristol offers accommodation bursaries for new undergraduates living in University-allocated accommodation.

Who is eligible?

First-year undergraduates

  • who are living in University-allocated accommodation AND
  • who were living in an area of low participation in Higher Education at the time of their UCAS application.

For more details, find out who is eligible.

What is it?

A discount of up to £1,040 to reduce the cost of first year accommodation.

This will reduce the cost of your rent by the value of the award.

How do I apply?

There is no application process, but students should ensure they have:

  • applied for financial support from their regional funding provider AND
  • provided consent to share their household income.

The University will contact students who meet the eligibility criteria for this bursary.

Further Information

For further information on the accommodation choices, see the Accommodation Office website.

The bursary has had incredible impact on my time at University. It helped massively.

First-year undergraduate student