Postgraduate students

NameProject TitleSupervisorEmail
Pablo Newberry Creating a market for eco self-build communities in the UK Dr Paul Harper
Suzie Collins Additive Manufacturing of Shaped Proļ¬le Windings for Minimal AC Loss in Electrical Machines Dr Nick Simpson
Yasin Gunaydin  Analysis of Dynamic Performance of Silicon and SiC Power Electronics Devices Dr Saeed Jahdi 
Will Clements Electric cooking for developing communitie Dr Sam Williamson
Wenbo Wang Thermal modelling of power electronic systems Prof Xibo Yuan
Wenzhi Zhou EPSRC Converter Arcitechtures Prof Xibo Yuan
Joe Butchers Reliability and sustainability of micro-hydropower in Nepal Dr Sam Williamson
Peter Thomas  Improving the capacity of decision-makers implementing renewable energy in refugee camps Dr Sam Williamson
Dominic North  Tools and methods for thermal design of integrated electrical machines Prof Phil Mellor
Jun Wang Design Optimisation of an Active Shunt Regulator with Minimal Passive Components for Aerospace Applications Prof Xibo Yuan
Alexandros Leontaritis Design and Manufacturing of Magnetic Gears Dr Jason Yon 
Chengjun Shen Design of gate drivers for high voltage power semiconductor devices Dr Saeed Jahdi
Alif Azrin Esnady   Dr David Drury
Francis Tocher   Dr Nick Simpson
Juefei Yang  Analysis of Dynamic Performance of GaN Power Electronics Devices Dr Saeed Jahdi
Navid Rasekh   Prof Xibo Yuan
 Zhaobo Zhang   Prof Xibo Yuan
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