Electrical Energy Management Group

Mission-optimised electrical machine design synthesis

Our aim is to make the journey from electrical generation to usage more effective. We investigate advanced energy conversion for low-carbon electrical systems that require optimised efficiency, and high power or energy density. We demonstrate practical systems from microwatts to megawatts, with applications ranging from Health, to Vehicles, Renewable Energy, and Aerospace.

Professor Phil Mellor, Head of Group

The Electrical Energy Management Group has over 40 researchers who undertake research into low carbon electrical systems that are enabled by advanced, compact and highly efficient electrical machines and power electronic conversion. The group is a core member of the UK Centre for Power Electronics.

Research & Expertise

The group's range of expertise include: Power Electronics, Machines, Design Analysis & Testing and Power Systems.  


Our well-equipped laboratories include high-power test cells, state-of-the-art measurement capabilities for advanced power electronics, and rapid manufacturing facilities.

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