Handbook for education professionals: The Bristol Guide

'The Bristol Guide provides a succinct overview of all aspects of the education system in England. Complex organisational relationships and areas of policy are presented in a clear and straightforward way. It is an invaluable primer for those new to the teaching profession or those moving from overseas, but is also a very useful reference guide for experienced practitioners and school leaders!'

Professor Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive, Chartered College of Teaching

The Bristol Guide keeps you up to date with the fast changes in educational legislation and is an essential handbook for education professionals that:

  • offers a clear overview of current teaching statutory frameworks;
  • outlines education professionals duties, responsibilities and rights;
  • summarises the curriculum, examination and inspection systems;
  • gives guidance on vocational qualifications and pathways and definitions of school models;
  • provides clear links to further information;
  • user-friendly, accessible and up-to-date;
  • is thoroughly revised every year;
  • represents great value for money at just £7.95.

It is therefore not surprising that it has become a core text in a large number of teacher training providers.

The Bristol Guide is comprehensively revised and updated annually. The 2017/18 edition is available to order from our online shop with discounts of up to 45% on multiple purchases. 

Preview the first sample pages of the Bristol Guide 2017-18 Sample Pages (PDF, 280kB).

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