Disclosure and confidentiality

We strongly advise you to disclose your disability so that we can provide confidential advice about your options for support. You can do this when you apply to university, on your application form, or once you are here, by contacting us or your School Disability Coordinator.

If you do not tell us about your disability, you may not receive the full range of support available.


Disclosing your disability will not negatively influence your application, your grades or the qualification you receive.

Anything you tell us will be classed as sensitive personal data and will be treated confidentially.


Most students at university are aged 18+, which means you are adults. We work with you on a confidential basis. We will store your information securely. We will only share information about your disability with staff and organisations who have a role in supporting or teaching you, such as your personal tutor or other staff in academic schools, and we will ask your consent first.

We will not discuss your support or disability in front of other students or with colleagues who are not involved in teaching or supporting you. It is up to you to decide if you choose to discuss your disability or personal information in public.

Your details are held confidentially with Disability Services, not a specific Disability Adviser. Disability Advisers routinely discuss student cases with other Disability Advisers, and with your School Disability Coordinator.

We follow the University of Bristol Student Services Confidentiality Policy.

Consent to sharing information with third parties

We cannot share your information with third parties, including your parents and supporters, without your prior consent. In most cases, we advise you to work with us to manage your support independently, rather than share your information. Consent to share information with a third party is different from giving someone else permission to act for you. Even if you consent for us to share information with a third party, we will never take direction from third parties about decisions related to your course or study support. We will never agree to have ‘private’ communication with third parties which we do not share with you.

Contact us if you want to discuss sharing information with a third party.

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