Disability Support Summary (DSS)

A Disability Support Summary (DSS) summarises our recommendations for adjustments to your teaching and assessment. It may include:

  • Recommendations for building access, such as level or lift access to teaching;
  • Alternative exams arrangements, such as extra time or rest breaks.

Your School Disability Coordinator uses your DSS to coordinate support in your school.

The Library Support Team uses your DSS to coordinate support in the libraries.

You do not need a DSS before asking for support from your School Disability Coordinator or the Library.

How do I know if I need a DSS?

You need a DSS if you need adjustments to your teaching and assessment.

Contact us if you think you need a DSS.

How do I get a DSS?

A Disability Adviser will write your DSS. They consider recommendations of medical professionals (such as your doctor), psychiatrists, educational psychologists, DSAs needs assessors, and any other supporting evidence.

The Disability Adviser will consider the requirements of your course, and how you have been supported in the past. Often, the Disability Adviser will want to speak to you before finalising the DSS.

Standard DSS

If we can meet your needs by routine adjustments such as extra time or using a PC, you will have a Standard DSS.

Bespoke DSS

If your needs are more specific to your particular circumstances, you will have a Bespoke DSS.

How do I know if the support recommended in my DSS is in place?

Contact your School Disability Coordinator to check that your teaching and exam adjustments are in place.

Annual review

Your School Disability Coordinator will review your DSS every 12 months, to check that your support is still appropriate and that your needs have not changed.

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