Health and personal care

If you need access to health services while at university, please make sure you arrange this as soon as possible.

Personal care and everyday living

If you have help with personal care or everyday living, you should continue to organise this through your current Social Services team.

Tell Social Services that you have an offer to study at Bristol, then let them know as soon as your place is confirmed.

Health services

If you currently use NHS or other medical or mental health services, you will need to transfer this support to Bristol. We recommend you start this process early so that support is in place once you arrive. 

If you are uncertain how to start this process, speak to your GP or whoever currently provides the service. You can also ask the Students' Health Service for advice and find out more about the services they offer for UK and international students.

University accommodation

The University can offer accommodation suitable for students with disabilities or health needs.

Find out more about what's available and how to apply.