Presenting and submitting your dissertation for examination

Format a dissertation

The University has rules for the format of your dissertation which you must follow. There may also be rules specific to your area of study and you should check this with your supervisor.

You should also take care that your work is properly referenced. Failure to do this can lead to allegations of plagiarism.

Submit a dissertation for examination

Your supervisor will discuss suitable examiners with you and put forward proposals to your head of school, at least four weeks before you intend to submit your work for examination. 

  • Submit an electronic copy of your dissertation to Turnitin via Blackboard, to be checked for plagiarism.
  • Submit a softbound copy of your dissertation for each examiner (normally one external and one internal) to the Academic Quality and Policy Office, either in person or by post. A copy is not required for an Independent Chair (if you have one).

If you wish to submit your softbound copies by post, please send them to:

Academic Quality and Policy Office
Education Services
University of Bristol
31 Great George Street
If you wish to submit in person, please bring your softbound copies to 31 Great George Street and report to the main University of Bristol reception desk on the entrance level, located on the right side of the building before you reach the stairs. Please wait there for someone to assist you. 
The Academic Quality and Policy Office is normally able to accept receipt of softbound copies between 9 am and 4.45 pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and University closure dates.
Dissertations will be sent to examiners once an approved Appointment of Research Degree Examiners (ARDE) form and a Turnitin sign-off from School have been received. Your supervisor will fill out the ARDE form for you. 

Faculty specific submission information

Please contact your school if you need help with submitting your thesis to Blackboard.

Neither you nor your School may send any work directly to your examiners either electronically or in hard copy.

Contact us if you change your address.

Regulations and code of practice

The Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes provides a framework of procedures and practices to support research degree candidates and their supervisors.

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