Presenting and submitting your dissertation for examination

Format a dissertation

The University has rules for the format of your dissertation which you must follow. There may also be rules specific to your area of study and you should check this with your supervisor.

You should also take care that your work is properly referenced. Failure to do this can lead to allegations of plagiarism.

Submit a dissertation for examination

As part of the University’s response to coronavirus, the normal requirement to submit printed copies of your dissertation has been suspended for a temporary period (at least until 30 June 2020). You should instead submit a fully formatted pdf version by email to the Academic Quality and Policy Office, as well as submitting a copy to Turnitin via Blackboard.

If you are unable to complete your dissertation or submit it in an email by your deadline due to the impacts of coronavirus, you should contact your Faculty Office to arrange an extension. In some cases you may wish to consider a suspension but should do so following consideration of visa and funding implications. Further advice is available at the University's advice for students webpage.

If you are concerned about submitting your dissertation by email on security grounds due to the presence of sensitive material in the dissertation, you should contact your Faculty Office to arrange an extension.

If your submission includes physical material, such as creative works, you should contact your Faculty Office for an extension, as it is only possible to submit electronically during this temporary period.

Where you are able to submit your dissertation during this temporary period, you must complete both of the following actions:

  1. The Turnitin copy. Submit an electronic copy of your dissertation to Turnitin via Blackboard, to be checked for plagiarism. (In exceptional circumstances, where there are contractual, security or safety obligations, a research student or a main supervisor may request an exemption from the requirement to submit to Turnitin - see the relevant section in the research degrees staff information.)

  2. The examination copy. Submit a fully formatted pdf of your dissertation by email to the Academic Quality and Policy Office ( The pdf file must be named ‘PGR_submission_student surname_student first name_student number'. Where the dissertation forms a large file, you may submit using the Facility for the Uplaod of Large Files (fluff).

The examination copy counts as your formal submission and must be received by the end of your maximum period of study (taking into account any suspensions and/or extensions you have).

You or your supervisor must not email a copy of your dissertation to your examiners.

The Academic Quality and Policy Office will email your dissertation to examiners once the Appointment of Research Degree Examiners (ARDE) form has been approved and the Turnitin sign-off from the School has been received. In this temporary period, there may be a delay in the completion of the Turnitin check performed by the School. Even where there is a delay, you must not email a copy of your dissertation to your examiners. 

Please contact if you have queries on the submission of the examination copy. 

Please contact your school if you need help with submitting the Turnitin copy.

Neither you nor your School may send any work directly to your examiners either electronically or in hard copy.

Contact us if you change your address.

Regulations and code of practice

The Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes provides a framework of procedures and practices to support research degree candidates and their supervisors.

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