Fun MRI study for children

This study is looking for right-handed children with and without autism to take part.

About the study:

The study aims to understand how children process social and nonsocial sounds in the brain and how this might be linked to language in children with autism.

Eligibility requirements:

The study is looking for children with severe autism (including low-functioning or minimally verbal or non-verbal), and typically developing children who have not been diagnosed with any developmental or medical condition.

Participants must also:

  • Be aged 7-12;
  • Be right-handed;
  • Have no metal on them that cannot be removed, such as surgical clips, braces and cochlear implants. 

The study involves:

  • One 20-30 minute brain scan. Your child will watch a silent cartoon or movie throughout this time and listen to sounds played through headphones;
  • Puzzles and language games testing vocabulary.

Your visit to CRICBristol will last approximately two hours, including preparation and breaks. Each participant will receive an Amazon voucher; a small prize, and a picture of their own brain to keep.

For more information and to sign up for the study, please contact Dr Shu Yau at

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