Chemoreceptor reflex antagonism during LBNP

This study is looking for healthy volunteers aged 18-75 years, with normal blood pressure, to take part.

About the study:

This study is investigating the role of the carotid bodies (small organs in the neck) in the control of blood pressure. To do this we apply negative pressure (suction) to the lower body in order to challenge blood pressure.

We then use low doses of dopamine to decrease the activity of the carotid bodies. This allows us to measure whether the body’s response to a blood pressure challenge is altered by the carotid bodies becoming less active. 

The study involves:

  • A 45-minute screening visit and a two-hour study visit, both at CRICBristol;
  • Wearing an at-home blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure over 24 hours between the visits;
  • Lying in a lower body negative pressure chamber which applies suction (via a vacuum device connected to the chamber) from the waist down;
  • Receiving a low dose of dopamine through a cannula (tube) in a vein in the arm or hand;
  • Brief periods breathing extra nitrogen than normal in order to reduce your oxygen levels (hypoxia). The nitrogen will be given through a facemask.

For more information and to sign up for the study, please email, or telephone 01173421513

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