Text comprehension studied using fMRI

This study is looking for participants aged 18-35 to volunteer for an fMRI scan.

About the study:

This study investigates the neural mechanisms underlying the comprehension of text.

It will consist of one 1.5 hour session at CRICBristol, during which volunteers will undergo functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while reading and responding to text displayed on a screen.

You will receive £15 for your participation.

Eligibility requirements

You must:
  • Be aged 18-35;
  • Be a native English speaker;
  • Be right-handed;
  • Have normal, or corrected-to-normal vision;
  • NOT have a history of neurological or neuropsychiatric disorder;
  • NOT be currently taking psychoactive medication,
  • NOT have any reading or language disorders (i.e. dyslexia)

For more information and to sign up for the study, please email uob.text.comprehension@gmail.com, stating your age and gender.

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