fMRI study on hippocampal subfields in ageing


This study is looking for healthy male and female volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60 to come in for an MRI scan and cognitive testing.

This project deals with involvement of the hippocampus, in learning and memory. The purpose of this study is to gain understanding of the role of the hippocampus and its small substructures in these very important functions of the human brain.

The study involves:

One visit to CRICBristol lasting approximately two hours. This will include:

  • a neurocognitive test to evaluate your performance to learn and memorise new things;
  • an MRI and fMRI scanning session lasting approximately 50 minutes.

During the fMRI scan you will be asked to look at a screen through a small mirror placed just above your eyes and follow a set of instructions.

You will be asked to respond by pressing a button on the button-response box, which will be placed next to your hands. Detailed instructions will be given just before the scan to ensure you know how and when to respond to the tasks.

Participation requirements: You should enjoy good general health and must be willing to discuss your state of health.

You should not volunteer if you:

  • Have a history of cardiac (heart), vascular (blood vessel) or respiratory/pulmonary (breathing/lung) conditions (please ask if unsure);
  • Have a neurological (brain or nerve) disease;
  • Experience dizziness or fainting on a regular basis;
  • Have a cardiac pacemaker;
  • Are pregnant or have given birth in the last six weeks;
  • Smoke;
  • Have a history of drug dependency;
  • Have taken any illicit drugs in the last four weeks;
  • Have been involved in any drug trials (scientific studies which have involved you taking a drug) in the last four weeks.

For more information, please contact Tel: 077 494 50824.

Please use the reference 'memory study' in the subject heading.




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