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CRICBristol hosts study into visual cortical damage

16 January 2017

CRICBristol is currently hosting a research project entitled 'Characterisation of and intervention in visual cortical damage', which is being led by Dr Phil Clatworthy of the University of Bristol's School of Clinical Sciences, along with University of Oxford PhD student Stephanie Larcombe.

The study is recruiting participants between the ages of 18 and 80, who have suffered a stroke which has resulted in a partial loss of vision. They will enter the MRI scanner before and after undergoing a five-day training programme, which will determine whether any changes have taken place in the brain in the meantime.

This is based on the concept of 'perceptual learning', where performing a task many times can improve performance. The project team believe that this type of learning may improve visual function in people whose vision has become impaired due to brain injury.

The aim of the research is to aid the development of new rehabilitative therapies for people with vision loss after a stroke.


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