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CRICBristol hosts the CoolMRI project

16 December 2015

The logo of the CoolMRI project.CRICBristol has recently begun hosting the CoolMRI project, a study on six- to eight-year-old children who received threapeutic hypothermia.‌

The technique, which is used to treat neonates who have lacked oxygen at time of delivery, is performed in order to lower the risk of childhood disability or death and involves lowering a baby's temperature to 33.5°. This helps to reduce the amount of potential damage to the brain.

CoolMRI will test the cognitive and motor development of a number of these children, and use advanced MRI techniques designed to reveal a detailed structure of the receovering brain.‌

The research is being carried out by Clinical Research Fellow, Dr Richard Lee-Kelland of the Neonatal Neurology group, alongside his supervisors Dr Ela Chakkarapani and Professor Marianne Thoresen.‌  

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