Sleep studies suite

A purpose-built sleep and physiological monitoring facility

The CRICBristol unit includes two purpose-built sleep physiology rooms with en-suite bathrooms and an adjacent observation and monitoring room, plus a small sitting area for use by patients admitted to the sleep labs. All rooms have pipeline medical gases.

Our sleep rooms are all fitted with full polysomnographic recording equipment together with infrared video plus sound recording and monitoring facilities. The rooms are environmentally controlled, with the facility to adjust and control the room temperature over a wide range.

Each room is connected to the monitoring and observation room by light and sound protected ports that allow continuous or intermittent sampling or administration of enteral or parenteral infusions, as well as the use of additional monitoring for specific studies.‌

The monitoring and observation facilities make the sleep rooms suitable for use by patients requiring overnight respiratory support by CPAP, bi-level non-invasive ventilatory support or invasive ventilatory support via a tracheostomy.

The bedrooms are suitable for post-sleep cognitive testing using portable equipment. For research studies requiring additional complex daytime testing, the sleep research subject can be studied in the adjacent research rooms.

The entire suite is designed to be suitable for research participants ranging from babies and children, to adults.

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