3Tesla Siemens Magnetom Skyra MRI scanner

The MRI scanner has been funded by an award from the Wolfson Foundation. It is the latest Siemens 3T Magnetom Skyra MRI scanner. It has a wider (70cm) and shorter (173cm) bore to aid in participant compliance and comfort, without compromising image quality. The undockable table with integrated spine coils holds up to 250kg.

The MRI suite contains MR compatible monitoring systems, infusion pumps and an eye tracker. We have a large collection of high density coils for neuro, body and orthopaedic scanning, together with the TIM 4th generation system with multi channel to support ultra high density coils. The coils we can currently provide are:

  • Quadrature Body Coil
  • 2 x 18 channel flex Body Coil
  • 32 channel Head Coil, capable of proton spectroscopy
  • Head Neck 20 channel coil
  • Bilateral Breast CoilTxRx 15 channel Knee Coil
  • Spine Coil (8 coil elements, 32 channels)
  • Small surface Coil-circular 4cm
  • Medium surface Coil-circular 7cm
  • Large surface Coil-circular 11cm
  • Medium 16 channel shoulder coil
  • Large 16 channel shoulder coil
  • Small Flex 4 coil

CRICBristol is a Siemens Reference Site, providing training and experience for others in using Skyra. It is an approved IDEA software user which will allow bespoke scanning protocols to be generated.

Facilities for data analysis and high performance computing are available.

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