Clinical Investigation Suite

‌Four well-equipped clinical research rooms

Our spacious rooms include a fully adjustable examination couch, an examination light, sink, preparation area, desk, interview chairs and surfacing suitable for invasive studies. Each room contains a computer with access to University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. These rooms are used for:‌‌

•  Clinical trials
•  Testing novel drugs and medical devices
•  Psychometric/Cognitive assessments
•  Questionnaires/Interviews
•  Metabolic monitoring
•  Exercise studies

Sample preparation and handling room ('wet lab')

This room has facilities for spinning, separation and immediate preparation of blood, urine and other samples, including a centrifuge, fridges, freezers, ice making machine, and lab benchtop space. It is is linked by a portal to the MRI scanner to receive samples and has facilities for direct communication with the scanning room.

Resus trolleys

CRICBristol has an NHS standard resus trolley. CRICBristol also has its own defibrillator, a 12-lead ECG machine and a stress couch.

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