Lydia Parkinson

Why did you choose Bristol for your BSc?

“When I applied for university I had no idea what I wanted to do afterwards, I was just really interested in the human body and disease. CMM offered the perfect course covering a variety of topics such as cancer biology, microbiology and anatomy with the chance to become more specialised in the final year. At the Open Day, the students and staff were really friendly and helpful and the opportunity to look around the labs proved how well equipped the faculty was.”

How would you sum up your experience?

“It was hard work! In order to achieve highly you really do have to study. However, the diversity of topics covered allows you to find what you are really passionate about and being able to focus on these areas makes the course really enjoyable.”

What were the staff like?

“They really are leaders in their field which means you are always learning about the latest research and developments. The staff were friendly, approachable and always willing to spend the time and explain their lectures. Aside from the academic help, I received support and guidance about my future, and the staff showed a genuine interest about my chosen career path.“

How did your degree influence what you are going on to next?

“The diversity of the course allows you to study different topics, which really helped me choose what I wanted to do next. I always enjoyed learning about genetics and genetic disease which influenced my choice of dissertation topic, a lab project based in the research labs of the Bristol Royal Infirmary. I was involved in sequencing one of the genes responsible for Hermansky Pudlak syndrome, the real life application made me feel my work was really valued. The topics covered in lectures backed up by the experience I gained in the lab gave me the best possible grounding when applying for jobs. The presentation skills I gained whilst at university helped me during the interview process and I am so grateful for the experiences at university as I am often presenting the work I do now to large groups of people.”

What advice would you offer to students contemplating a place at Bristol? 

"I really enjoyed the time I spent in Bristol, the course was brilliant and you really are learning about the most recent advances.  Aside from the course, Bristol is a great place to be, with a huge variety of things going on. I have made friends for life and I feel very lucky to have spent three years in such an amazing city!”

Graduate profile

Lydia Parkinson | BSc Cellular and Molecular Medicine | Now working with Illumina, Cambridge

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