Bristol CardioVascular

Areas of research in Bristol CardioVascular

Cardiac surgery

Top academic cardiac surgery unit in the UK, at the forefront of developing and refining new surgical, perfusion, and anaesthetic techniques

Areas of research in Bristol CardioVascular

Cardiovascular regenerative medicine

Repairing damaged hearts using pioneering techniques in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine

Areas of research in Bristol CardioVascular


Multidisciplinary team tackling the atherothrombotic narrowing of blood vessels, the primary cause of cardiovascular disease

Translational research stories

Translational research

BHI is a centre for translational research - translating discoveries in science directly into patient care

Areas of research in Bristol CardioVascular

Cardiac physiology and mitochondrial function

Studying electrical activity, energy production, ion handling and contraction of the heart, in both health and disease

BHI Hospital

BHI Hospital

The new £61 million Bristol Heart Institute Hospital, a joint initiative between University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust and the University of Bristol, unites cardiology with cardiac surgery, imaging, and cardiovascular research.

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Biomedical Research Unit

The BRU is one of just five across the UK that are dedicated to cardiovascular research. The facility inspires collaboration between scientists and clinicians, translating new research insights into improved patient care.

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Research partners

Bristol Clinical Trials and Evaluation Unit (CTEU) is the heart of the Bristol BRU and coordinates all research activities involving patients.

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