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Pioneering software can grow and treat virtual tumours using A.I.

Press release issued: 22 September 2021

Pioneering new research paves the way for A.I. developed nanomedicines that target cancer cells more efficiently.

The EVONANO platform allows scientists to grow virtual tumours and use artificial intelligence to automatically optimise the design of nanoparticles to treat them.

The ability to grow and treat virtual tumours is an important step towards developing new therapies for cancer.  Importantly, scientists can use virtual tumours to optimise design of nanoparticle-based drugs before they are tested in the laboratory or patients.

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Further information

Paper: ‘Evolutionary computational platform for the automatic discovery of nanocarriers for cancer treatment,’ by Stillman, N; Balaz, I; Hauert, S et al., in npj Computational Materials.

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