• International collaborative projects win funding to tackle major health challenges 21 August 2019 Developing drugs to treat cancer and how sleep can support a healthy memory are two international collaborative projects led by academics at the University of Bristol that have been awarded major funding by the UK Research and Innovation's (UKRI) Fund for International Collaboration.
  • Mendelian randomisation cancer and nutrition workshop 1 August 2019 The Mendelian randomisation cancer and nutrition workshop, hosted by the Integrative Cancer Epidemiology Programme (ICEP) in Bristol on 15 and 16 July, attracted 20 experts to assess and discuss the question: What are the challenges in nutritional cancer epidemiology and how can Mendelian randomization address them?
  • University Cancer Research Fund awards 31 July 2019 The University Cancer Re-search Fund (UCRF) seeks out the most innovative ideas in cancer research through an annual seed funding call.
  • James Yarmolinsky wins CRUK fellowship 30 July 2019 Integrative Cancer Epidemiology Programme (ICEP) researcher James Yarmolinsky has been awarded a CRUK 3-year fellowship, starting in October. The research will focus on "Evaluating the role of inflammation in cancer: robust target identification using genomic data."
  • Making the immune system better at recognising cancer 23 July 2019 A team at University of Bristol, led by Professor Linda Wooldridge, is engineering a type of immune cell that might be able to better target cancer cells. This could potentially lead to new therapies which could help the immune system combat cancer with fewer difficult interventions.
  • Understanding how cancer cells eat 16 July 2019 Meet Dr Emma Vincent as she tells us about her research and the artwork inspired by her work that reflects on the pathways that we and our cells can make
  • £9 million boost for health research in the west country 12 July 2019 Health researchers in the west country have been given a £9 million award from the Government's Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to enable them to tackle the area's most pressing health problems. The funding will enable new research projects including forecasting demand in hospitals, increasing people's physical activity levels, supporting people who self-harm and improving outcomes for children in care.
  • University of Bristol awarded £100 million to drive 'tech for better futures' research 10 July 2019 A new £100 million institute, based in the centre of Bristol, is set to transform the way we create, utilise and evaluate new digital technologies to benefit our society now and in the future.
  • Understanding the unintended consequences of healthcare apps 9 July 2019 Dr Andrew Turner, Senior Research Associate, CLAHRC West, discusses the move towards ‘digital first’ care, the possible unintended consequences of healthcare apps, and how the DECODE study aims to improve the adoption of a range of digital health tools in primary care by understanding these unintended consequences.
  • Cancer Research UK’s obesity campaign 5 July 2019 Cancer Research UK (CR UK) states that their latest obesity campaign aims to stimulate a government policy response to ‘junk food’ advertising to children. Focusing on policy change rather than individual behaviour change is a laudable aim. However, the charity’s approach has been challenged by the public, researchers, and healthcare professionals.

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