Cardiff-Bristol Joint Cancer Symposium: Metastasis, Stem Cells and DNA repair

19 January 2022, 2.10 PM - 19 January 2022, 4.30 PM

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Hosted by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Cancer Research Network at the University of Bristol, and cancer research at Cardiff University, this event was initially scheduled to take place in March 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. We are delighted to confirm that all our original speakers are able to join us for this afternoon of presentations and discussions.

The Universities of Cardiff and Bristol are holding their third joint meeting the afternoon of 19 January 2022 around the themes of metastasis, stem cells and DNA repair. The event will comprise one hour of presentations by researchers based at both institutions, followed by one-hour breakout sessions on each of the themes to explore potential collaborations in more detail. 


14.10 - 14.15 Welcome: Prof Ann Williams (School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Bristol), Chair  
  Session 1: DNA Repair  
14.15 - 14.25 Dr Anna Chambers (CRUK Career Development Fellow, School of Biochemistry, Bristol) The HELLS chromatin remodelling protein contributes to maintenance of genome stability
14.25 - 14.35 Prof Simon Reed (School of Medicine, Cardiff) INDUCE-seq: detecting breaks in the thread of life
  Session 2: Metastasis  
14.35 - 14.45 Prof Anne Ridley (Head of School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Bristol)

Role of cancer cell: endothelial cell interactions in metastasis

14.45 - 14.55 Dr Florian Siebzehnrubl (Research Fellow, European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, Cardiff) The role of EMT transcription factors in non-epithelial cancers
  Session 3: Stem Cells  
14.55 - 15.05 Dr Allison Blair (Principal Clinical Scientist, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Bristol) New targets for ALL therapy
15.05 - 15.15 Dr Fernando dos Anjos-Afonso (Research Fellow, European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, Cardiff) A newly defined human blood stem cell population: impact on the origin and evolution of human myeloid leukaemias
15.15 - 16.15

Breakout sessions

16.15 - 16.30



Seed Funding

Thanks to the University Cancer Research Fund at Bristol and Cardiff's cancer research team, a seed funding scheme will be open for applications following the event. This grant will support a new collaboration between Cardiff and Bristol and will require a co-Investigator from each institution; priority will be given to applications from early career researchers. One or more projects for a total of £5,000 will be supported and at least one of the named applicants MUST have attended the symposium for the application to be eligible. An application form will be circulated following the event.


Registration is now closed. Contact Catherine Brown if you would like to take part. 

Contact information

Contact Catherine Brown with any enquiries. 

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