BrisSynBio flexi-funding

The aim of the flexi-funding scheme is respond quickly to the needs of the BrisSynBio community, and to take advantage of any opportunities as they arise. As there are only limited funds available, we particularly encourage, novel, creative and innovative proposals that can grow and expand the remit and ambition of BrisSynBio.

Funds can be applied for to support:

  • industrial links
  • commercialisation proposals
  • equipment upgrades and repairs to significant and essential equipment
  • knowledge exchange and impact generation (including public engagement)
  • travel to support the generation of research collaborations and the acquisition of new research techniques
  • bridging funds for salary support will only be considered in exceptional circumstances (i.e when a grant application has been applied for in synthetic biology and the outcome if awaited).

A clear statement of your plans for drawing down further external funds in the short to medium term must be given. Applications are invited on a rolling basis and will be reviewed at the regular BrisSynBio Scientific Steering Committee meetings.

Application value

Applications between £5 - £20K (100% uninflated directly incurred costs) will be accepted. Directly incurred costs only are eligible for this scheme, unless under exceptional circumstanced and by prior negotiation with the BrisSynBio Scientific Manager. 

Application process

Applicants should contact the Scientific Manager for a flexi-funding application form, which should be completed submitted with a complete fEC costing to Applicants should use the BBSRC template in the fEC tool.


Applications are welcome at any time, and will be reviewed at the next BrisSynBio Scientific Steering Committee meeting. The cut-off for each meeting will be a fortnight before that meeting to allow time to process and review applications.

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