BrisSynBio is multi-disciplinary synthetic biology research centre. Its public engagement activities should reflect this by cutting across traditional subject/organisation boundaries where appropriate.  We also encourage applications that include new disciplines and individuals. 

This scheme is open to all permanent academic staff, independently funded research fellows, PDRAs and PhD students at the University of Bristol and our collaborators at the University of West England.  Applicants in receipt of BrisSynBio project funding are eligible to apply, however this is NOT a requirement. 

External collaborators are welcome, all projects must have a University of Bristol or University of West England PI. Full details of the call will be announced at the 2017 BrisSynBio Annual Conference evening networking session on Tuesday 12th September 2017.  A number of artists and creative practitioners will also be invited to attend this event. 

All applications should describe synthetic biology-related public engagement activities. Applications should clearly detail clearly the proposed target audiences.  Applications that target new audiences are strongly encouraged. Applications that describe a dialogue, or include plans for an iterative or reflexive cycle of academic – public engagement are strongly encouraged. Science communication is outside the remit of this call.

Application value

We expect applications to be in the region of £500 - £1000, however in exceptional circumstances we will consider higher value applications where the costs can be clearly justified. 

Application process

Please submit applications to Marie Woods to the deadlines detailed below.  Please use the BrisSynBio PE funding application scheme (Office document, 30kB). The public engagement group will be available to discuss applications, advise on fit to remit, and identify potential collaborators on 27 September, 13;00 - 14:00 in G13/14 Life Sciences Building. 


Public engagement funding will cover 100% of directly incurred costs.  BrisSynBio, and therefore all project end dates must be on or before 30th July 2019. Please see below for future deadlines.

Deadline 1

12:00 18 October 2017

Panel 1

1 November 2017

Funding announced

Week beginning 6 November 2017

Deadline 2

12:00 24 January 2018

Panel 2

7 February 2018

Funding announced

Week beginning 12 February 2018

 Please contact if you require any further details.

BrisSynBio Public Engagement funding

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