• Rowdy residents warn crustaceans away from perilous reefs 4 February 2011 Coral reefs present a treacherous wall of mouths to flea-sized planktonic crustaceans, but the clamour generated by animals on the reef may act like a foghorn to warn them away from danger.
  • Sophie Holles and Steve Simpson featured in latest NERC podcast 25 January 2011 In an underwater themed NERC podcast, Steve Simpson tells reporter Richard Hollingham about his latest research on coral reef acoustics and how fish, crustaceans and corals use their natural soundscape for orientation.
  • A familiar racket helps fish find a suitable home 10 January 2011 Noisy neighbours can be desirable – at least if you’re a young reef fish trying to choose a home. New research from the Universities of Auckland and Bristol found that juvenile fish listen to the sounds made by local residents – such as other fish, shrimps and lobsters – before heading for the reef that suits them best.
  • Andy Radford elected to ASAB Council 10 January 2011 Dr Andy Radford, from the School of Biological Sciences in Bristol, has just been elected as a Council Member of ASAB for an initial 3-year term.
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