Lab history

Early UCL
Later UCL

The Martin lab was born in Oxford where I was a Demonstrator in Anatomy soon after finishing my PhD with Julian Lewis, whose lab was over the road in the ICRF Developmental Biology Unit. Janie McCluskey was my first PhD student and she studied tissue repair in mouse embryos, and James Hopkinson-Woolley (a clinical Anatomy Demonstrator) joined us for a year of MSc research and established a seed of an interest in how inflammation might impact on scarring.

We moved the lab to UCL, Anatomy, in 1993 where we lodged for 10 years and expanded from chick and mouse embryo studies into Drosophila and zebrafish models of wound healing also.

And then, in 2003 we moved to Biochemistry and Physiology, Bristol, where we continue to be interested in inflammation in tissue repair, and have begun to look also at parallels between wound healing and cancer.                                 

Lab retreats

Each year the lab spends a weekend in Cornwall, staying at cottages in Prussia Cove. Have a look at some pictures from our retreats below.‌

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