Employability in the curriculum


In this video Ellen Grace and Holly Delafield discuss employability in the curriculum, click the CC button on the video to view with subtitles, the video can also be viewed on the Stream page.

Embedding employability within your unit or programme

Enhancing employability in the curriculum doesn’t mean detracting from rich, research-led academic teaching.  It’s about developing and delivering programmes that prepare students to take their next steps, which is at the heart of our curriculum framework.

It means ensuring that through their studies students can have the opportunity to:

  • Develop, recognise, and articulate their skills, knowledge, and attributes.
  • Apply their learning to real world contexts and gain insight into the world of work. For example, through Engaged Learning, other authentic learning or work experience opportunities.
  • Connect these two things to the demands of and opportunities in the labour market and effectively plan their next steps. 

It may be as simple as recognising what is already in the curriculum, and the approaches you are already using in your teaching and assessment and making this explicit to students. Or it might be a case of making some small changes which could have a significant impact for students.

It can also include considering where you want students to be at the end of your unit or programme and ensuring these outcomes align with Subject Benchmark Statements, the Bristol Skills Framework and your unit/programmes ILOs.


The following resources can support you in developing employability within your unit or programmes:

  • The ‘Employability in the curriculum’ blog series provides a range of practical ideas and advice for those wishing to better embed employability.


  • A range of resources to support your teaching and assessment are available in the Resources section of our website and BILT blog.
  • The Embedding Employability SharePoint site has further resources and information about the support available from the Careers Service for your students 

Further advice and support

The Careers Service can help you to realise and enhance the potential of your unit or programme to develop student’s employability.  Each school has an academic Careers and Employability Lead and a designated member of the Faculty Employability Team in the Careers Service who work together to develop annual Employability Partnership Agreements; provide advice and support on employability; and develop and share best practice in schools.

Part of the Careers Service is also dedicated to providing specialist support and advice in Engaged Learning.  Find out more about that here.

Contact the Faculty Employability Team for more information.

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