The following people have completed BILT funded projects. View associated resources by selecting the grantholder's name.

Catalyst Funds

Sheena Warman 'Feedforward to support classroom to workplace transitions: an interdisciplinary approach'. Project supported by: Dr Jess McCormack, Professor Sarah Baillie, Harriet Tamlyn, Jo Toye, Dr Andew Blythe, Professor Dave Dymock, Dr Angela Hague, Dr Eugene Lloyd, Dr Nigel Robb

Kate Whittington 'Using learning communities to support the development of doctorate supervisory skills.' Project supported by: Professor Sally Barnes, Dr Anne Lee

Teaching Fellowships

Fabienne Vailes 'Flourishing versus languishing students in HE - an in-depth analysis of the various strategies used by these students as they transition from secondary school to HE and throughout their studies. How do these impact their academic, personal, social and professional development? Are they predictors of retention and success?' Fabienne also has a podcast Flourishing Education.

Teaching Innovation Grants

Alison Catterall, Rachel Christopher and Sam Brown Evaluation of a clinical skills lab as an active learning space: sharing best practice and identifying areas for improvement.

Emma Love, Sheena Warman and Chloe Anderson Supporting post-graduate learners: optimising the environment for case-based learning in veterinary education.

Helen Heath Improving staff and student assessment literacy to aid development of problem solving skills.

Louisa Slingsby 'Implementing a Mental Wellbeing Toolbox: Reflections on integration into the veterinary curriculum and identification of opportunities for wider application.'

Louise Howson  'Finding my teaching voice - Experiences of postgraduate students with teaching responsibilities.'

Chris Kent and Jess Fielding 'Building confident and engaged researchers through active partnership and problem based learning.'

Alice Robson and Pat Triggs 'Evaluation and benchmarking of the new Biochemistry MSci Research Training unit.'

Aydin Nassehi 'Student research conference on manufacturing processes.'

Emily Bell, Rose Murray and Andy Wakefield 'Developing a guide to support the use of video in undergraduate assessment.'

Jenny Riker 'Testing the use of digital technologies for field-based education to enhance graduate confidence and preparedness.'

Chris Adams 'MAP Bristol: Monitoring Atmospheric Pollution in Bristol.'

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