Cultural knowledge and Self-Isolation practices: How different communities adhere to public health advice during the Covid-19 outbreak

Research themes: Globalisation, Adversity

As part of the larger UKRI-funded “A mixed-methods evaluation of advice on isolation and health-seeking to contain transmission” (30/3/2020-29/09/2021), this study aims to develop an ethnographic understanding on the effect of cultural knowledge of self-isolation and social distancing among migrant communities in and around Bristol with a key focus on diverse attitudes and health-seeking responses in relation to government advice. It examines 1) how community members interpret and define “isolation” in their own terms and in their immediate social and cultural contexts; 2) how these situated definitions and interpretations change people’s attitudes and behaviours; 3) how these attitudes and behaviours impact acceptability and adherence to UK’s official public health advice.

Principal investigator: Dr Juan Zhang

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