Professor Ian Silver

Emeritus Professor

Research Topics

I have carried out investigations in a wide variety of topics ranging fom fetal physiology and cancer treatment through wound healing and development of methods for measuring tissue micro-environment, to brain hypoxia-ischemia, neurochemistry and forensic pathology. Currently I am completing a project on Besnoitia infection in Iranian goats, funded by Shiraz university and WHO.


Ion-selective microelectrodes, electro-physiological recording of cellular activity, histochemistry, histopathology, collagen chemistry etc


I do some occasional teaching and examining in Anatomy and Pathology as required, and special tutoring for those who request help.


My work has been funded for the past 50 years by British Research Councils (MRC, ARC, SERC), US Defense Department, US Public Health Service (NIH), Wellcome Trust. Royal Society, Cancer Research Campaign and its successors, and recently by Shiraz University.


Currently, Professor Maria EreciƄska, Dr Jonathan Musgrave, Dr Kate Robson-Brown (Archaeology and Anthropology), Professor Ahmad Oryan (Pathology, Shiraz University), Dr Peter Rossdale (Newmarket)

Recent publications

I have published more than 20 papers during the past 10 years. Below is a selection:

  • Tooley JR, Satas S, Eagle R, Silver I. and Thoresen M (2002) Significant selective head cooling can be maintained long term after global hypoxia-ischemia in newborn piglets. Pediatrics 109, 643-649
  • Tooley JR, Satas S, Porter H, Silver IA and Thoresen M (2003) 24 hours of Post Hypoxic Selective Head Cooling with Mild Systemic Hypothermia in Anaesthetised Piglets is neuroprotective. Ann. Neurol. 53, 65-72.
  • Cherian S, Love S, Silver I, Porter H, Whitelaw A, Thoresen M. (2003) Post-haemorrhagic ventricular dilatation in the neonate: development and characterisation of a rat model. J. Exp. Neurol.. Neuropathol. 62, 292-303.
  • Erecinska M; Thoresen M and Silver IA (2003) Effects of Hypothermia on Energy Metabolism in Mammalian Central Nervous System. J. Cerebr. Blood Flow & Metab. 23(5):513-530.
  • Silver I A and Erecinska M (2003) Interactions of Osteoblastic and Other Cells with Bioactive Glasses and Silica In Vitro and In Vivo. Mat.-wiss.u.Werkstoff tech. 34. (12) 1076-1083.
  • Erecinska M, Cherian SS and Silver IA (2004) Energy Metabolism in Mammalian Brain during Development. Prog. Neurobiol. 74, 397-445.
  • Cherian SS, Silver I A, Thoresen M, Whitelaw A and Love S (2004) Transforming growth factor-bs in a rat model of neonatal post-haemorrhagic hydrocephalus. Neuropathol. Appl. Neurobiol. 30, 585-600.
  • Erecinska M, Cherian SS and Silver IA (2005) Brain Development and Susceptibility to Damage; Ion Levels and Movements. Curr. Topics. Dev. Biol. 69, 139-186.
  • Oryan A, Goodship AE and Silver IA (2008) Response of a Collagenase-Induced Tendon Injury to Treatment with a Polysulphated Glycosaminoglycan (Adequan). Connective Tissue Research, 49, (5), 351-360
  • Silver I A (2008) Laminitis: Drink deep, or taste not the Pieran Spring. Equine Veterinary Journal 40, (5), 431-432
  • Oryan A, Goodship AE and Silver IA (2009) Effect of an S2-receptor blocker on acute and chronic tendon injury. Journal of Investigative Surgery, 22, 1–10
  • Adams, M A and Silver I A (2009) Early enhanced exercise: Damaging or beneficial to joints? Equine Veterinary Journal 41, (6) 515-516
  • Robson-Brown K, Silver IA Musgrave J, Roberts AM (2010) The use of µCT technology to identify skull fracture in a case involving blunt force trauma. Forensic Science International 201 (
  • Oryan, A, Namazi F and Silver I A (2010) Histopathologic and ultrastructural studies on experimental caprine Besnoitiosis. Veterinary Pathology (accepted for publication)
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