4.2 Registration

The required period of study is laid down in the regulations for each degree. Students must register with the University when they begin their studies and at the start of each academic year.  Continued registration is subject to satisfactory progress. 

No student registered for a programme of full-time study leading to a qualification of the University of Bristol may concurrently be registered on a programme of full-time or part-time study leading to an award of a qualification at this or another institution, unless this is a requirement of their programme of study (normally only applies to students on professional programmes and to joint or dual awards), or is covered by the following clause. 

It is permissible for a student registered for a Masters degree by research to be registered for a doctorate at the University at the same time provided that the student has already submitted the dissertation for their Masters degree by research and that the offer of the doctoral place is not conditional on the result. If the outcome of the examination of the Masters degree by research is errors of substance or more severe, the student should either suspend from their doctorate while completing the Masters or withdraw from the Masters. 

Unless otherwise specified as part of a partnership agreement, the provisions of these Regulations and Code apply to all University of Bristol-registered research students during periods of study at another organisation. 

For collaborative PhD programmes, students registered at the University of Bristol may be subject to the regulations of a partner organisation for some or all of any taught component. This will be specified in the partnership agreement. 

For joint or dual awards, there may be a combination of examination procedures that cover the University of Bristol regulations and those of another institution so that both Section 9 of the Regulations and Code and the requirements of the other institution (such as, for example, to cover a public defence) are met. This will be specified in the partnership agreement.

Doctoral students transferring to the University must complete a minimum of one year study full-time (or part-time equivalent) in order to be eligible for a doctoral award. This does not include the writing-up period.

Schools wishing to accept a doctoral student from elsewhere who is part way through their studies must be satisfied that the student has worked at an equivalent level to a Bristol doctoral student at a comparable stage.

In some faculties, students aiming for a doctoral degree are in the first instance registered for a Masters degree by research and are eligible for transfer to registration for the PhD degree, subject to satisfying the requirements set by the faculty and/or school. The transfer process normally occurs after one year and is subject to satisfactory progress.

In some cases, students on specific doctoral training programmes (usually of a 1+3 design) may be required initially to satisfy the requirements of a specific taught Masters award and will then be eligible to progress on to a doctorate. Such students are covered by the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes for their taught Masters and may also be governed by specific programme rules.