Section 1 - Introduction

1.1       Purpose of the Regulations and Code

The Regulations set out the University’s requirements for:

The role of the regulations is to maintain the quality and academic standards of the University’s research degree programmes and to provide clear guidance for research students and staff in schools.

As well as setting out the University's minimum requirements for postgraduate research degree programmes, the Regulations and Code aim to provide helpful background information for staff and research students, including details of internal policies and practice. The Regulations and Code are consistent with the University’s policies and strategies and with Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) current requirements, including the Quality Code.

The sections of the Regulations and Code outlined in boxes throughout the text are University Regulations. They set out the University’s minimum requirements/ responsibilities for postgraduate research programmes and must be followed.

The detailed regulations for the individual research degree programmes to which the Regulations and Code apply are in Annex 1 (doctoral degrees) and Annex 2 (Masters degrees by research) for ease of reference.