Annex 9 - Guidance for research degree examiners on what constitutes minor errors in a dissertation

The following are allowable as minor errors under examiners' recommendation B (award subject to the correction of minor errors):

It should be possible to list the individual corrections required and once carried out for it to be easily verified that the corrections have been made.

The time needed to make minor corrections must be no more than 28 days after notification from the Research Degrees Examination Board at which the examiners’ reports were considered.

The University requires the internal examiner to confirm to the candidate and to the Academic Quality and Policy Office that the corrections have been satisfactorily completed before the degree certificate will be issued. Degree certificates will not be issued unless the Academic Quality and Policy Office has received this confirmation. In examinations where there is no internal examiner, minor corrections must be approved by one of the following: (1) an external examiner, (2) the Independent Chair, or (3) another University of Bristol academic nominated by the School. The Independent Chair is responsible for ensuring that approval from any of these sources is reported in writing to the candidate and to the Academic Quality and Policy Office.

If the corrections required are more substantial than those indicated here, the examiners should tick one of the alternative recommendations (e.g. C, degree to be awarded once errors or omissions of substance have been corrected to the satisfaction of the examiner).  Where there are numerous instances of errors that are individually minor but when taken together are deemed by the examiners to form a significant undertaking for the candidate to correct, a recommendation of errors of substance may be made.