Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes ("the Regulations and Code") will apply to this degree, except where separate provision is made below.

The degree of Doctor of Medicine shall be either by dissertation or by published work.

1. Candidature by Dissertation

1.1 Qualification for admission

Candidature for the degree of Doctor of Medicine by dissertation shall be open to:

a) Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery from UK Universities of not less than two years standing.

b) Holders of equivalent degrees from overseas universities of not less than two years standing.

Individuals who comply with either a) or b) above must also be able to satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

     i) Previous research experience;

     ii) Evidence of publication in a related field; or

     iii) Evidence of contributing to successful research funding proposal(s).

1.2 Qualification for the award

The qualification for the degree by dissertation shall be:

a)    a period of original research on a project that satisfies the appropriate faculty’s (Health Sciences or Life Sciences) criteria and is no less than two years (full time study) in length;

b)    a dissertation contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge, making a significant        original contribution in the field of learning within which the subject falls, showing evidence          of originality and independent critical powers, with satisfactory literary form; and

c)    approval of the dissertation by examiners appointed by the University

1.3 Work previously submitted

A candidate may not submit as their dissertation work which has already been submitted for an academic award. However, a candidate may incorporate part of such work, provided this is stated in the candidate’s application and the work is clearly indicated in the dissertation.

1.4  Length of Dissertation

Unnecessary length in a dissertation may be to the candidate’s disadvantage. The dissertation should not exceed 60,000 words, excluding references, appendices and lists of contents.

1.5 Submission

Except as permitted under Section 6 of the Regulations and Code, the dissertation shall be submitted within five years (comprising at least two years full time research) of the date of commencement of the project, for full-time candidates. For part-time candidates, the dissertation shall be submitted within seven years of the date of commencement of the project with a minimum period of study of four years. Candidates should refer to Section 9 of the Regulations and Code for requirements and guidance about submission of the dissertation.

2.  Candidature by Published Work

The requirements and guidance on candidature by published work are held in the Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Annex 1 above, where references to PhD should be read as MD.