Student Partnership and Representation Group

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The Student Partnership and Representation Group is a working group of the Student Experience Committee which itself reports to University Education Committee.

This Group was renamed the Student Partnership and Representation Group in May 2014, it's former name was the Student Representation and Engagement Working Group


The main purpose of the Group is to:

Terms of Reference

Advisory (to Student Experience Committee):

  1. to monitor the system of academic student representation for implementation within all schools and faculties, and disseminate good practice
  2. to make recommendations on student representation within the University and the Students' Union
  3. to review and monitor implementation of the Partnership Vision
  4. to advise on appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for student partnership/engagement 
  5. to advise on implementing the QAA Code of Practice recommendations on student engagement
  6. to develop partnership through making recommendations and developing practices to build learning communities and cohort identity

Decision making (on behalf of Student Experience Committee)

7.  to agree the implementation of student representation elections
8.  to agree the training for student representatives
9. to report at least annually on the effectiveness of student partnership/engagement via agreed KPIs


Membership 2016/17


The Chair (or nominee) and at least two student representatives, two members of academic staff and two members of professional service staff (from either University and/or Student's Union).


The Group will meet on the following dates in 2016/17: