Business Case for new programmes and high risk changes

Business case for new programmes and high risk changes

If the Faculty Education Director has confirmed you are proposing a high risk change or if the proposal is for a new programme, you will need to complete a Business Case and Financial Plan. Business cases must be agreed by the school and are then signed off by the Faculty (Dean, Faculty Finance Business Partner, Faculty Education Director and Faculty Manager) before being considered by the Gateway Review Group and finally by the Business Case Approval Board. 

Full details of the business case process, including the relevant forms and business case submission deadlines is available on the Intergrated Planning Process site (under “Process” and then “New Programme Approval”)

For queries about completion of the business case please contact ipp-project.

Having the business case approved is an important step if your change concerns a new programme. Although subject to academic and final approval, at this point you will normally* be able to advertise the programme and, if it relates to a postgraduate programme the process of setting up a record in the Hobsons online application system can begin.

 * Examples of when a programme can not be advertised following approval of the business case would be if there were outstanding financial queries about fees or staffing which required sorting out before advertising could commence.