Election of two members of Court to the Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee (the “Committee”) is an important body within the University’s governance processes. Its primary function is to identify suitable individuals to serve as lay members on the University’s Board of Trustees.

The Committee is chaired by the Chair of the Board of Trustees and meets two or three times each year, depending on its workload. Its composition includes lay members of the Board and two members of Court, who are elected to the Committee by their fellow members of Court.

When vacancies arise for lay members of the Board of Trustees, the Committee establishes a selection panel which carries out interviews and then recommends appointments to the Board of Trustees. At those interviews, it is customary for one of the Court representatives to sit on the selection panel.

The vacancy

There are two vacancies for Court members on the Committee with immediate effect and, subject to the number of applications received, there may be an election to fill these vacancies.

Nominations are therefore sought for two members of Court to serve on the Committee. Membership is usually for three year terms, subject to a maximum of three such terms. However, as Court membership is staggered, terms may vary dependant on who is appointed. Your term will be confirmed if you are appointed to the Committee. 

The remaining Committee meetings in the 2019/20 academic session will take place on 11 February 2020, 1000, and 12 June 2020, 1400, at the University. Members who are interested in standing for election should ideally be able to attend these meetings.

Desired skills and experience

In view of its function, the Committee is eager to ensure that it has the appropriate balance of skills, experience and expertise in order to select appropriate candidates for the lay members of the Board of Trustees.

The Committee therefore is particularly keen to encourage nominations from members of Court with interest in and experience of:

The election process 

Members of Court may stand for election to the Committee by sending the University Secretary a completed online nominations form signed by two members of Court (other than themselves), by 5pm on Friday 20 September 2019. You can access the nominations form here.
Should there be more than two candidates for the two places there will be a ballot and the candidates with the greatest number of votes will be declared elected. If an election is held it will be conducted by single transferable vote. If a ballot is required, members of Court will be notified and will be sent ballot papers. The outcome of the election will be formally announced in mid-October.