Court Reform

At its meeting in December, Court approved proposals to reimagine its role and composition so that it can better assist the University in the pursuit of its mission.

The Steering Group has been meeting monthly for the purpose of ensuring that the reforms remain true to the proposals approved by Court, and that a new Court emerges that allows for this vision to be fulfilled.‌

Update from the Steering Group - September 2019

The Steering Group met on 9th September and discussed the following:

Court member election process

  • The Steering Group noted that a call for nominations was circulated on 22 July to Alumni, Emeritus Professors, and staff, inviting them to stand for election to become members of Court. The closing date was 9 August.  A ballot was not required, as none of the categories received more nominations than places available.
  • The Steering Group noted that one Emeritus Professor vacancy remained and agreed to make recommendations to the PVC for Global Engagement on suitable candidate(s) to co-opt to the final vacancy.  In the event of a suitable candidate declining the invitation it was agreed that the vacancy would remain unfilled for the first year of the new Court. 
  • The Steering Group noted that 11 staff in attendance vacancies remained, likely due to the vacancies being advertised over the summer period, and therefore the Group agreed to re-advertise vacancies, with targeted communications in underrepresented areas.

Court nominated members

  • The Steering Group noted that the list of proposed organisations in the ‘nominated members’ category was endorsed by this Committee at its meeting on 25 June, approved by the Nominations Committee at its meeting in July, and was subsequently approved by the Chancellor. Invitation letters were sent to the relevant organisations inviting them to join Court.  The ‘quick link’ to the right of this page shows the final Court membership divided into relevant categories.
  • There were still some vacancies remaining in the nominated members category, as several organisations had not responded over the summer. The Steering Group therefore agreed that the Governance team should continue to chase appropriate contacts in the relevant organisations, supported by communications from members of the Senior Management Team.

Court additional members (for appointment by the Chancellor)

The Steering Group considered and agreed a proposed process for selecting the 20 Additional Members, and agreed to recommend relevant individuals for consideration by the Chancellor, in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of the Board of Trustees. The Group noted that these appointments would also need to be formally recommended by the Nominations Committee.

Proposed 2019 Court agenda

The Steering Group received a draft proposed Court agenda for the meeting in December and considered and agreed the proposed workshop theme and format for that meeting, including suggestions for a keynote speaker, and the type of market stalls for inclusion on the day.

New Court member orientation dinner

The Steering Group considered and finalised the format and structure for the new Court member orientation dinner, which was due to be held on the evening of 28th October.

Election of two Court members to the Nominations Committee of the Board

The Steering Group noted that a call for nominations was circulated to members of Court on 6 September with a deadline of 20 September, and that only two individuals applied, therefore no election was required. 

Election of two Court members to the Nominations Committee of the Board

Thank you to those members of Court who applied to become a member of the Nominations Committee. We recieved two applications for the two vacancies, and therefore no ballot was required. The successful candidates are Professor Raman Bedi and Dr Hazel Phillips.

Next steps

We will  continue to provide regular updates here after each Steering Group meeting. Please note that the next meeting will take place after the annual meeting of Court in December, with a view to considering lessons learned.

If you would like to offer any thoughts or views on what you have heard so far, please email the Governance Team.