Information for prospective donors

The Brain Bank is very grateful for brain donations as they make an invaluable contribution to research. We appreciate that the time of death can be difficult for the family and strongly encourage potential donors or their relatives to make the necessary arrangements whilst the prospective donor is still alive.

We maintain a register of potential donors who have given consent for their brain (and spinal cord in clinically relevant cases) to be donated when they die. In addition to donations from people who have been affected by dementia, we have a pressing need for donations from older people who have not been affected by a neurological condition. There is a national shortage of such brain tissue. To register as a potential donor who does not have a neurological condition you need to be aged 55 years or over.

Informal queries about making a donation or to request further information on what is involved, please contact the SWDBB manager during office hours Monday-Friday on 0117 414 7821.

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