Adult neuromuscular research

In addition to the weekly specialist Neuromuscular and Motor Neuron Disease clinics and regular education sessions offered by the Adult Neuromuscular Team at Southmead Hospital, and as part of the wider Neuromuscular research drive in the South West, we are pleased to announce the inauguration of the adult section of the Bristol Neuromuscular Research Group. The Group is led by Consultant Neuromuscular Specialists, Dr Andria Merrison and Dr Stefen Brady.

The Adult Neuromuscular Team is committed to providing the highest level of evidence based care to patients and we believe that involvement in high quality research is one the keys to driving improvements in patients care.

The aim of the Adult Bristol Neuromuscular Research Group is to forward the understanding and treatment of individuals affected by Neuromuscular disorders through: 

Dr Merrison and Dr Brady have both trained in internationally renowned Neuromuscular research centres in Oxford and London and have a wide range of national and international research experience.

Areas of particular research interest are Motor Neuron Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Inflammatory Myopathy (Myositis), Myasthenia Gravis and stem cell therapy.

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