Casual, Academic and Guest

Our Casual, Academic and Guest (CAG) team will work with you to place your chosen worker, guest or colleague in role.

We offer the following types of contracts:

• Student-specific contracts (up to 12 months duration)

• Regular, standard contracts (up to 3 months weekly work)

• Ad hoc contracts (up to 12 months, with frequent weeks of no work)

• Vacation studentships (up to 12 weeks duration)

We do not process the following:

X  Campus internships (internships with longer than 12 weeks duration). They can be arranged via the HR Campus Internships Scheme

X  Self Employed workers - Please follow the guidance on the Finance webpages to get these individuals paid

X  Existing staff completing work outside of their substantive role anywhere in the University should complete a claim form in MyERP for the work

X  Research participants will need to complete a Payment Request Form to be processed via Accounts Payable.

If you are not sure which route to take, you can use the Payment Decision Tool which determines the appropriate process to be followed.

Why we request 3 weeks notice

It is a University compliance requirement for managers to submit a candidate request form at least 3 weeks prior to the required start date for the role. This enables us to check the worker’s Right to Work, compliance status and issue a contract prior to starting work.

In the case of students on Student visas (formerly known as Tier 4), these are subject to working restrictions imposed by the UKVI (UK Visas & Immigration). If on a student visa we will check that only 20 hours per week are being worked at the University so you may not be able to work on multiple contracts. Please refer to Student visas working for further information on this.

We require 3 weeks’ notice to ensure compliance, whether or not the worker has previously registered with the TSS.

Workers must return a signed contract to receive prompt payment. This is requirement for audit purposes, as it indicates the individual has read the terms and conditions of their employment and accepts them. Please encourage your workers to complete and return their forms when they hear from us.

Please note the University has additional restrictions for students working part-time during their studies. Undergraduate students should not work more than 15 hours per week in term-time, and postgraduate students no more than 20 hours per week. Postgraduate research students must apply for annual leave from their studies to work full-time.

Contact details

Useful guidance

Please visit Temporary Staffing Service (TSS) for more information.

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