How to guides

Practical advice and guidance on creating, designing and managing content, on the University's content management systems and on social media.

  • Register as a web publisher

    How to become a web publisher or site administrator.

  • Manage content

    Includes information on deleting content and using redirects.

  • Edit content

    Includes using images, embedding video and audio files, accessible documents, data tables, logos and forms.

  • Design web pages

    Includes structuring a basic page, using the grid, applying colour, using module boxes and buttons, creating image sliders.

  • Maintain social media channels

    General guidance and advice on how to run your social media channel.

  • Make your site easier to find

    Structuring the content on a web page in order to improve its ranking in search-engine results.

  • Fix known issues

    Information on known T4 Site Manager bugs and how to work round them.

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The web style guide is managed by the Digital Communications team. Please contact the team if you have any comments or suggestions, or for further assistance.