Cert International Foundation Programme for Dentistry

2024 entry

Course summary

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) for Dentistry is a one-year programme designed for overseas students (non-UK students) wishing to enter dental (BDS) degree programmes in the UK, including at the University of Bristol.

It provides an alternative pathway for students who require additional study to gain the appropriate level of qualification and the skills and aptitudes required to be considered for entry to dental degrees at universities in the UK. Successful completion of the IFP guarantees an interview for the highly regarded BDS programme at Bristol.

The one-year programme will prepare you for future undergraduate studies by broadening your core knowledge in chemistry and biomedical sciences and by providing experiential learning in a healthcare environment. It provides ample opportunities for personal and professional development and for excelling in subject-specific written and spoken English.

Teaching and assessment methods are designed to help you transition to university-level study and become familiar with the types of learning and assessments typically employed on dentistry undergraduate degrees in the UK. The programme is taught by highly qualified academic staff at Bristol and you will receive full access to University facilities.

Progression to degree courses

You are not guaranteed to progress directly to the BDS Dentistry course at Bristol. However, successful completion will guarantee you a place in the dentistry selection interview process.

As your place in the interview is guaranteed, you are not required to apply through UCAS for the BDS Dentistry course at Bristol. However, you will still need to meet the standard undergraduate entry criteria.

If you miss the BDS Dentistry requirements, we may offer you a place on a Life Sciences degree. You will also be free to apply for dental degrees at other universities.

For more information about the International Foundation Programme for Dentistry, including information about how to apply, visit the International Foundation Programme for Dentistry website.

Course structure

The programme consists of four mandatory level 3 units:

  • Foundations of Chemistry
  • Foundations in Biomedical Sciences
  • Personal and Professional Development for Aspiring Clinicians
  • English Language and Academic Skills for Aspiring Clinicians (International)

Full details about the course structure and units for this course can be viewed in the programme catalogue.

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Entry requirements

We accept a wide variety of qualifications and welcome applications from students of all backgrounds. Below is a guide to the typical offers for this course.

The University of Bristol welcomes applications from international students, and we accept a wide range of qualifications for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

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You must have graduated from year 12 of your high school in your own country with a good grade point average (GPA), including strong grades in the sciences, one of which must be Chemistry. Find out more about entry requirements for your country.
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