Nick Schumacker

I’m Nick and I’m studying for a PhD in Cardiac Surgery, in the field of Tissue Engineering.

I chose to research my PhD here due to Bristol Universities globally renown reputation for cardiovascular research. The university has world class equipment and expertise, along with a vibrant city. The unique access to samples and national expertise thanks to he strong links with the NHS also supported my choice for studying at Bristol.

I regularly play badminton for a local team. The badminton standard in Bristol is very high and this is a trend amongst many popular sports in the city.

There are high numbers of students from all over the world at Bristol, making it an ideal place to meet a wide range of individuals.

There is also a large amount of green space in Bristol, which allows me to enjoy the outdoors without having to travel too far from the city centre.

I also enjoy the large, modern shopping complex in the city centre that has a vast array of shops and restaurants.

Apart from Cardiovascular Science, I enjoy helping other students at the university.

I have helped students successfully apply for PhDs, and helped demonstrate scientific practical sessions for undergraduates. You will have a great experience in Bristol and be in a competitive position for the future.

I’m happy to help advise you in any way I can.

Nick Schumacker

Nationality: British
Studying: PhD Cardiac Surgery
I speak: English
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