Israel and Gaza: a message to all students

Support for students and colleagues affected by the events in the Middle East.

We are all of us profoundly shaken by the events in Israel and Gaza and the devastating loss of life and suffering.

Our priority continues to be supporting all members of our international community who may be personally affected in any way, especially our Israeli and Palestinian students and staff. As a multi-faith community, we recognise of course the distress and concerns that our Jewish and Muslim members of our community may be experiencing.

We continue to encourage anyone who is struggling or affected in any way to reach out for support.

Read the University of Bristol's statement.

Accessing support

Our Student Services are available. You can also access the self-help resources, as well as request wellbeing support

Our Multifaith Chaplaincy can be accessed for faith-based or spiritual support during this time. There are locations for quiet prayer available across campus and the city.

Disruption to your studies

Please contact your school or tutor in the first instance if your studies are disrupted. Any disruption may have impacts on funding or student visas, please contact Student Services for support.

How you can help

We know that many of us will want to provide help and support at this time. If you would like to donate to organisations that are providing aid, visit the support during times of humanitarian crisis and global conflict page.

Upholding good relations on campus and freedom of speech

The events in Israel and Gaza are understandably generating deeply passionate debate and discussion around the world and on campus.

Every member of our community should feel safe and included on our campuses. We ask everyone to uphold our commitment to mutual respect, support and compassion for each other. 

We are proud to be a community of communities, home to all nationalities and faiths, encompassing many different groups with wide ranging personal experiences and views. 

Our role as a university is to cultivate a tolerant environment for the exchange of ideas, where divergent views can be discussed, whilst upholding and protecting freedom of speech on campus within the law. 

There is no place for any form of racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, discrimination, incitement, bullying or harassment at the University of Bristol. Any reports of such behaviour will be taken very seriously. 

There is more information on the website should you need to report any behaviour and please continue to refer to our relevant policies: 

Hamas is categorised in UK law as a proscribed terrorist organisation, meaning it is illegal to express support, including moral support, for Hamas. Like all universities, we support the recent statement from Universities UK.

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