Professional registration for technicians

The career paths that technicians take vary widely. Some of you may have begun a career straight from school as a trainee or apprentice and have gained qualifications as you worked. You may have undertaken a degree, Masters or PhD, before taking up a technical role. There are also those who have come to a technical role from a career in industry. The important work that technicians do is equally as diverse as their career paths.

What is Professional Registration?

'Professional registration is proof that a technician, no matter the route they have taken, is a person that is trusted to do a skilled job' and is an accomplished professional
(Gatsby Foundation).

As a technician, in any role or at any grade, the unique mix of qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience you have gained in the course of your career can now gain professional recognition.

For many professions there is a professional body that upholds the standards of someone working in that area and who provides members with support.
You can register to show that you are working at that high standard.

For Technicians working in science, engineering or IT there are several professional bodies offering registration. The Science Council owns and upholds the standards of the science registers, and the Engineering Council perform the same role for engineering registers. You can access the range of licensed registering bodies in these disciplines through their websites.

What does Professional Registration involve?

To be awarded registration you must:

  • Demonstrate in writing or in a face to face interview that you meet a set of competencies
  • Meet the requirements for membership of a licensed Professional Body and pay the membership fee
  • Sign up to the Code of Conduct for the chosen Professional Body.

To remain on the register you must demonstrate that you engage in continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain or advance your skills and knowledge, and pay your annual membership fee.

What is the Professional Registration experience really like?

Technicians who have successfully completed professional registration share reflections on their experience and pass on their tips.

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