Guidance for managers for remote working

As a manager, you have an important role to play in helping your teams to transition to working remotely, and in ensuring that individuals have the resources and support they need to work safely, effectively and productively in a remote environment.

Remote working: Guidance for managers

This PDF document provides more detailed guidance and links to resources on the themes summarised below. 

Remote working: Guidance for managers (PDF, 114kB)

Effective remote team working and managing by outcomes 

When we are managing teams remotely, it is particularly important to create an environment of trust, transparency, responsibility and accountability. It is therefore key to set clear expectations with staff around, for example, allocation of work, review/check-ins, and your availability.

Keep up-to-date with the relevant UoB policies and guidance

While you and your teams are working remotely, the usual UoB policies and procedures still apply. You should familiarise yourself with the relevant policies via the UoB HR webpages.

Communicating with your teams

While your teams are working remotely, regular communication is particularly important. As well as hosting your usual face-to-face meetings online, it is important to consider how you can replace informal catch ups and social connections in an online environment. Individuals working from home may feel more isolated, and connecting with you and their teams is vital in terms of wellbeing, as well as productivity.

Staff wellbeing and resilience

This is a complicated time for all, and the potentially isolating environment of remote working can be particularly challenging for some. In the current climate, individuals may also find it difficult to cope with uncertainty. As a manager you will be checking in regularly with the individuals in your team to gauge how they are doing, as well as focusing on your own wellbeing.

Ongoing learning and development while working remotely

Encouraging a self-directed approach to learning and development is particularly important when individuals are working from home, as some may find it more difficult to prioritise their own development while managing a busy workload and maintaining trust and accountability with their teams and managers. It would be useful to discuss with your team members how they can continue to focus on their ongoing personal and professional development while working remotely.

The University’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for staff webpages

Includes information about working arrangements and working from home

IT guidance for staff

IT advice for working from home

Managing remote workers - managing by outcomes

Managing Remote Workers (PDF, 496kB)

Development at your desk

Our KnowHow library contains thousands of online self-development and management resources to access any time from anywhere 

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