Embracing change


  • Adjusting to unfamiliar situations, demands and changing roles
  • Seeing change as an opportunity and being receptive to new ideas


  • Accepting that change is an integral part of life
  • Displaying open mindedness to new ideas and proposals
  • Demonstrating a willingness to do things differently
  • Making suggestions for improvement
  • Taking a creative approach to change which challenges assumptions and is not based purely on enhancing existing practice
  • Viewing change situations as opportunities for improving and developing work
  • Remaining positive about moving forward despite being realistic about the difficulty of change
  • Demonstrating that ‘the way things are done here’ does not restrict you
  • Challenging the status quo in a constructive way


  • Seeking a diversity of perceptions
  • Encouraging others to initiate and embrace change
  • Encouraging experimentation and new ways of working
  • Providing ongoing support and encouragement to others who are developing and testing ideas
  • Articulating the purpose of change and the context within which change is happening
  • Adapting approach to respond to changes outside of the organisation
  • Communicating change in a positive manner through influencing and persuasion


  • Creating a climate that encourages innovation and receptivity to change
  • Leading by example in supporting the organisation to break with traditional methods
  • Communicating upwards to influence policy formulation
  • Embracing new technologies, techniques and working methods
  • Scanning the wider environment to seek opportunities to develop the organisation
  • Modifying departmental/organisational strategy to adapt to changes in the wider environment

Behaviours indicating further development needs

  • Unable to move beyond negative reaction to uncertainty
  • Complaining instead of doing something about it
  • Consistently blocking change and failing to build on others’ ideas for change
  • Generating numerous ideas but not following any of them through
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