The Resilient Leader

Wednesday 6th November 2019, 2pm - 4pm

During turbulent times, the term resilience seems to be everywhere and leaders are expected to be resilient and to build resilient teams. The dictionary definition of resilience conjures up a sense of being invincible and talks about the ability to bounce back, but is that really what we mean? As we tackle the challenges that are thrown at us, surely there is a more human aspect to handling pressure and adversity. One that will stay with us and shape us as leaders in the future.

During this Masterclass, we will explore what it means to be a resilient leader. We will introduce you to a number of factors that will help you to not only survive, but to thrive in the turbulent world that seems to be the new normal for us all.

The presenters will be Fabienne Vailes, Language Director, Department of French and members of our leadership development teams. Fabienne is a UK expert on emotional and mental well-being within the education sector. Her mission is to embed well-being into the curriculum to create an environment where both students and staff flourish and develop the mental agility and resilience to succeed both academically and in the workplace. She is author of The Flourishing Student – Every Tutors’ Guide to Promoting Mental Health, Well-being and Resilience in HE. Drawing upon Fabienne’s work and the work that the leadership development teams have been doing on wellbeing more broadly, you’ll go away with useful insights, tools and techniques to support you in being a resilient leader.

Masterclasses are aimed at:

Academic and Professional Services staff who are leading large areas of strategic or operational activity. For example, Deans, Divisional Heads, Faculty or School Managers, Heads of School, Faculty Research or Educational Directors.

How to attend

We contact the staff groups listed above to invite them to book onto Masterclasses directly. If you are unsure if the masterclasses are applicable to you, please contact us at

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