The first of its kind, Elevate offers a unique opportunity for staff from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background and who identify as female, to meet, share, support and learn together from universities across the South West.

We are inviting staff to apply for Elevate from 15th September

Applications will be open from 15th September onwards.

Information sessions are currently available to book on Develop here.

Application deadline is 23:59 on Sunday 3rd October.

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About the programme

Following a successful 2021 pilot programme, we are pleased to announce that we are recruiting women from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities to another Elevate Leadership programme which offers a unique opportunity for Professional Services and Academic staff (who identify as female) to meet, share, support and learn together from across five universities in the Southwest (Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Exeter, and the University of the West of England).

Elevate is co-designed and co-facilitated by a team consisting of Yvonne Field, a serial social entrepreneur and recent lecturer at Goldsmiths; Dr Peggy Warren, Researcher with an interest in gender studies, and a Leadership and Management Development Consultant; and Jamie Schearer-Udeh, Anti-racism Consultant, Political Scientist & Community Organiser (Action Learning Facilitator).

This creative programme acknowledges and celebrates the history, culture and diverse lived experiences of participants and will encourage participants to reflect, explore and grow through connecting and building solidarity together.
It will offer an engaging and bespoke combination of interactive in-person and online sessions and resources, Action Learning sets, and cross-institutional Mentoring.

Programme overview

Elevate is both a personal and professional development programme and will be focused on Academic staff (grades G-L) and Professional Service staff (grades E-K).
Elevate will be a safe space where leadership concepts and ideas will be introduced whilst exploring strategies that support the navigation of systemic practices which have tended to historically fix the professional identities of women from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.
Elevate recognises that prospective participants are ready to embrace and take on leadership responsibilities, but face differentiated lived experiences in employment, education and in wider society from their white counterparts.
Elevate will be transformational and will centre the lived experiences and development needs of women of colour. You will be the key focus!

Elevate will:

  • Provide a blended learning leadership and professional development programme for women from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities over 6-7 months
  • Introduce participants to different leadership styles and approaches which support the development of leadership and influencing skills
  • Support participants to identify strengths and talents as well as development needs
  • Provide on-going support through action learning and cross-institutional mentoring
  • Empower women by using creative methodologies such as story-telling and journaling for reflection and sharing
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The Elevate graphic harvest capturing formative feedback from participants mid-way through the programme

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Elevate information sessions

Book onto a session to find out more about the programme

How to apply

Applications for 2021-22 programme are open from 15th September to 3rd October 2021.

During the isolation of this pandemic, Elevate provided me with a warm welcoming and diverse community that inspired, supported and encouraged me during the most difficult of times. I wouldn't have had any other way of encountering or meeting all these incredible women. I hope this space and resource continues to be available.

Elevate 2021 Participant

Contact us

If you have any questions about the programme you can contact lm-programme-applications@bristol.ac.uk.

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